Blac n Blanco Association

Working in support of People and their views to help them thrive in life

Useful Businesses

We hope that these businesses can provide you with what you are  looking for: 

 Coaching/Employment Support

  • B1 Coaching - Onyi Anyiado delivers personal coach and positive action workshop for young adults on requested.  

  Business Support 

  • Trafford Hall - Community and Family development training
  • Business Links - Gives support to small & start up businesses
  • Vista Print  - Provides great business material at a low price
  • Print Experts - Based in Walthamstow and handles all your printing needs for your business or pleasure

 Financial Support

 Health & Beauty Support

  • Saladmaster - Uses Surgical Stainless Steel to reduce illnesses
  • Check Your Health - NHS Choices, find out more about your bodily functions
  • Healing Gem - Lady made jewellery and training to make your own
  • Natures Sunshine - Great Health benefits, Household and Aroma products.
  • Synergy Worldwide - Excellent Natural products that works with your body to improve, stain and stablish your body condition/illnesses. To book a presentation click here

 Local Support

 Social Support

Additional Support We Provide:

  • Face Painting
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Event Organising
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Healthy Eating Plan

Please give at least 2 weeks notice, if you wish to use any of the above