Blac n Blanco Association

Working in support of People and their views to help them thrive in life

The Support we Do

We provide you with a relax and professional service that does not restrict you from what you want to gain in your life or improvement you want to make. 

We keep visit records, to ensure we follow up any ongoing situation, have visual progress and have up to date information.

We follow Data Protection Act 1998, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy and Child and Vulnerable Person Policy, to ensure confidentiality and high standards with a non-judgemental attitude.

We would like to stay in touch as it allow us to know that we have deliver an excellent service and that you achieved what came to us concerning.

We have a great rate of successful customers and we hope to continue this.

Blac n Blanco's ethos is 'Everything we do is in Black and White, therefore there is no red tape to our service, so we just deliver support to realist outcomes'

By being a foundation, by working from the inside to the out and building lasting results within any persons', relationship or work concerns, is so satisfying to all of us. Try to think Positive and you will become Positive.

Overall Participants  2016-2017
The People we SupportedHow many Outcome
Personal Development 25 -60 45 2 Sat
Families  2 3 Sat
Mental Health5 3 On
Business  22 On
Elderly 60+55 On
 56 All Cs
Events Participants345 
Resolved Keywords - Sat - Satisfied, On - Ongoing, Cs - Closed