Blac n Blanco Association

Working in support of People and their views to help them thrive in life

Nadia - Milton Keynes - Relationship Development - 15.03.09

The support you have given me through the beginning of my relationship, has made us stronger and stronger every day. We have moved in, got married and had two children since your great experience knowledge of relationship you had given my husband and l, even though l never thought that it would work. 

Dawn - East London - Love 2 Walk - 12.05.10

Thank you for giving me the chance to take part in your Love 2 Power Walk Session this year it has helped me to lose 2 stones in  3months. 

Yvonne - East London - Volunteer Support - 01.07.11

Thank you for your help in manning the doors and serving with the Young Gifted and Black Awards for the past two year. Also l shall be attending your Love 2 Walk 7 miles and l shall try to get some people from KCK to attend.

 Antoinette Rita Okoiye - Event Support with her book Launch - 17.10.11

I am 22 years old and Blac n Blanco has been very support of me taking control in working the ushers, food deliverance and layouts. They were professional conduct complemented the work l was delivering, very helpful and with excellent advice. 

 Anonymous - North London - Phone support - 12.12.11

I was in despair about my previous relationship and want the world to come to an end. l was introduce to Dawn at a friends party and she explained that she support relationship. l thought l will take her up on the free advice over the phone support. l could not believe that by the 3rd phone call she has had it clear to me and l did not feel distressed, with her calm nature, she helped me to understand more about myself and the purpose of handling a relationship.

Charles - North London - 6 month visit support - 03.04.12

I am an elderly gentleman, that suffers form various problems and concerns. l was recommend to Blac 'n' Blanco Assoication and decided to take up their community support. l have been with them for 2 years now and they helped me to sort out all to do with lowering payments, contact various organisations, while l am there to ensure that l am given the service from on businesses on the phone and she will explain all that would like sorted. 

Tasha - East London - Mousetrap Theatre Project - 03.06.12

 A big thank you to Blac ‘n’ Blanco, my daughter applied for the Family First Night (FFN) theatre tickets and was able to take her 3  sisters to see “Thriller”; they had a fantastic time and a low cost night out. My eldest  daughter lives in the US and was visiting for a few months this enabled my 4 daughters (Mrs Ledoux 23, Chloe 14, Shani 13, & Gemma 13), to spend quality time together and have a great night out. Thank you Blac ‘n; Blanco for  putting us on to FFN                                                                                  

Conor - East London - Mousetrap Theatre Project - 03.06.12

Thank you Blac ‘n’ Blanco, I applied for theatre tickets to see “Oliver” through FFN, I took my son who was 6 at the time. He had never visited the theatre and he was blown away, we had a  wonderful time. It was a memorable occasion for him and he has since been to the theatre. FFN often send newsletters with great  offers, we were able to go to the Proms 2011 for £5 per person, it was a great experience, and I didn’t think my children would enjoy it, but they have asked me to book again this year, without Blac ‘n’ Blanco we would not have had theses experiences.

Dawn - East London - Love 2 Power Walk Sessions - 02.07.12 

I can not believe that walking can loss so much weight, but with the help from Blac n Blanco Power walking session, the input shows they want me to lose and tone, it is incredible. l lost 2 stones in the 1st 3 months from an exercise which Dawn had invented herself and l use it every day without any problems or concerns. I have been going for 3 years and l do it just to stay healthy now.

Mary - South London - Business Support - 02.07.12

Thank for your help in putting together an internet cafe and support in raising funds. This is ongoing and will take some time to complete and Blac n Blanco has the patients in order to complete this community project. 

Lee - North London - Relationship Phone Support - 02.03.13

With in 7 phone calls, the support worker gain me great advice regarding myself and how l let a man take advantage of me. After you gave me an assessment of myself it help me to realise that l need to love myself, before l loving another or get to know them more, before giving my whole self. I thank you for all your support and helping me to find the right guy. 

Zack & Friends - East London - Social Relief Activities - 29.07.13

I am 8 years young and we went  to theatre with 5 friends & parents for only 5£ each to watch West End shows, we all found it fun and enjoyable. We would like to thank your organisation for help getting the process started with Mousetrap Theatre Project. Because now we have joined with MTP, they send us offer to the BBC Prom & Christmas Pantomime.