Blac n Blanco Association

Working in support of People and their views to help them thrive in life

A Small Contribution 

These pricing are based on a 6 month Development Support Programme, which consist of 12 visits, The visits include handling paper work, supporting you in finding work/training, making calls, confidence building and is confidential to any third party (unless you suggest otherwise) When supporting Senior we would ask for help from Age UK if they are suffering from learning difficulty, mental health or any other serious concerns. However we will still be there to ensure they are being treated fairly.  


 6 month Programme

Contributions start from

 Young People 18-25

 Referral from other organisation

Free or £15


Personal 25 +




Whole Family


Developing a Relationship


Senior - with help from Gov direct

Free or £90


 All contributions are made after the introductory meeting and can be made in two or three instalments.


 For information call 07964 752576

With BIG Results

We Thank You all that has supported us in the deliverance of events, projects, training and general volunteering. 

We are raising funds to get a minibus for social relief to elderly people in Sheltered, Private Housing or home alone through age concern and other recommendable organisations.

We worked voluntary with over 19,000 elderly throughout 2012, with the digital UK, the Olympics 2012 and follow up support with Voluntary Action in after card with digital UK.