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 Waiting for a Relationship

If you are waiting ... you will be waiting for ever. A relationship will not happen over night and if you have been waiting for the 20-40 years, for the right person then...  'Good Luck!!'

At the end of the day you will still have to talk, look and speak to someone in order to know whether that person is suitable. So which ever way, you are still looking.

One of the best benefits you would receive from using our relationship service,  is that we will find someone compatible,  introduce and arrange a suitable venue for you to meet your datees.

3 steps to start the Process

  1. An introductory meeting will be arranged, to see if you require Relationship Development over 6 months period, before starting.
  2. You will then be contacted to view a choice of 3 Datees,  arrangements will be made for you to meet with the one you have chosen. There will be complimentary drinks worth up to £7 for you both on your 1st date. 
  3. You will be offered a further 2 Datees, if you feel that the 1st was not suitable. If within 6 months you find none of the 3 Datees are suitable, you will stay on our records for a further 6 months, however we are available to talk you through relationship concerns too.

We believe in your safety and would support you on your 1st date (if you request us too). It would also help us to identify whether you are compatible.

You can attended our  Solo Events, held once a year. We have 100% success rate so far, so don't waste time and start the process.


Call 08458335464 - to arrange your Introductory Meeting