Blac n Blanco Association

Working in support of People and their views to help them thrive in life

Start the Process:

Contact Us, and explain your requirements in brief details. An Introductory Meeting will be arranged at one of our meeting rooms around London or a place of your convenience.

This no obligation Introductory Meeting will be for us to discuss your options on how to move forward with our support. You will complete a Profile Sheet. We offer free service through phone, email and a few visits bio monthly. If you decide on a 6 months Development Supporting programme, then we would suggest a small contribution, which covers administration, follow up, 12 visits, training if necessary, phone calls and travel to deliver this programme

When supporting a Family we would work with the person that contacted us, to ensure we are going towards a suitable outcome for the whole family. During this time we would arrange 5 hours of compulsory task programmes, that is carried out once a fortnight to identify the areas of concern.

When you are coming towards the end of your programme or support, you will have the option to return a Support feedback form, this will help us to know the areas that we may need to improve upon. You will also have the option of continuing a further 6 month programme if you still require our support.

The whole experience will be relaxing, steady and achievable, to enable you to grow independently.