Blac n Blanco Association

Working in support of People and their views to help them thrive in life

About Us

We started this organisation to support people over 18 with personal and relationship concerns, because we found that people would be past to and fro through many organisations and never get results, so what we do is work with you continuously, until you are entirely satisfied, plus we would ensure that the organisation that we request their support from, has delivered what they say they would deliver for you to move on.

By working with multitude of people over the last 10 years, from personal development to legal matters, throughout, training, qualification studies, work and community experiences; This has given us a good upper hand in, to understand the nature of peoples problems and how we can resolve them.

We help you to create goals, that are achievable and that would make improvements to your lifestyle or well-being. When working with children under 18, we would encourage the participation of the parent or carer, so that tasks are duplicated through the family and not just from our side, which will help give the child a more sustainable outcome.

As we are a non-profit making association, all our contributions goes towards administration cost, supporting people that are homeless, travel expenses use to deliver a satisfactory service and refreshments for our held social events.


All calls are recorded to improve services and used as supporting evidence.

Individual Support Benefits

  1. Personal Development Training Programme design to your requirements
  2. We have a direct number, that makes it easy for you to contact us and we can always call you back if you leave a message
  3. We will contact you every two weeks, to find out your progress
  4. We offer you many reasonably priced education trips and events to support your interpersonal skills and to bring communities together.
  5. We will monitor your progress until you are satisfied

Relationship/Family Support Benefits

  1. We offer the same as above,
  2. We work with you to build a better understanding of yourself and others
  3. We help to improve your inner self, to be more comfortable when handling a situation or being around others
  4. We can support you in the development of a relationship

Businesses Support

  1. If you are a recommendable organisation, then we would work with you in supporting and promoting your business at out events or in our monthly newsletter. 
  2. We can provide work placement or volunteers for your business, they will be under a monitoring  programme, to ensure they are getting the correct skills and your business is getting the correct support. You need to them with expenses (Lunch and Travel) if working over 5 hours.
  3. A Supportive Attributions Business form will be completed, to confirm a suitable agreement for both parties.

Social Relief Events

  1. We hold Social Relief events to give you the opportunity to experience new place, educational activities, health awareness and build self esteem.
  2. This helps to build great ideas, increase participation and make new friends
  3. We use venues around London, so people get to see different historic buildings, use their publications for future events that would be suitable for themselves.
  4. We offer refreshments and goody bags, that promotes other businesses.